View Objects are essential part of ADF Business Components . These are associated with representation of DataSet.

View Objects contains a Query which when executed returns a set of results in form of rows. Then the view Object convert the rows returned from the query to ADF understandably form i.e…

Use case

The scenario was like we had a class which was doing some database operation and in the end it was releasing the connection. But due to some challenges in some cases the connection was not being released.

The best was to handle this kind of scenario is to…

Oracle ADF is primarily designed for developing Enterprise Applications. In an Enterprise Application normally there is more than one user working on the application at a point of time. So it is important to preserve the transaction state of every user.

Oracle ADF provides Optimistic and Pessimistic locking for maintaining…

Oracle ADF is an Application development framework for Rapid Application Development. Oracle ADF uses Business components in the Model Layer to perform the transactions. ADF Business components are similar to Database Objects.

Suppose we have to create a database to store Department and Employee data in the database. For this…

View object loading an unnecessary no. of rows in the memory can be a strong reason for causing performance-related issues in oracle ADF applications. There are many scenarios where the rows are being loaded in the memory unintentionally. …

EntityImpl is the implementation class of EntityObject which represents a row which currently there in EntityObject cache. The row object may be a row from a database table or a new Row which is created from the Application.

Here I am going to show how to create a programmatic View Object in oracle ADF.

There are basically 4 types of View Objects.
1. View Objects based on Entity
2. View Objects based on SQL Query (also called Read-only View Object)
3. Static View Objects (contains fix now of…

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